Janus Enterprise CIC is a registered not-for-profit Community Interest Company established to support young people and adults in the UK who are, have been, or are at risk of experiencing problematic alcohol and substance misuse. We work with other socially excluded groups as well, including ex-offenders and the unemployed, helping them achieve the skills and mindset to reintegrate back into the community and/or employment in a meaningful way.

The Janus approach is based on empowering beneficiaries to change their problematic relationship and re-wire their thinking, whether it be with their drugs/alcohol use, offending or unemployment. Our carefully designed projects and language are empowering and motivating and serve to help the beneficiaries explore their problematic relationships. We believe that beneficiaries have choice and that our role is to support them to realise their choice and to provide the skills and clarity required to make informed decisions.

We provide therapeutic group work, key-works, one to one counselling, life coaching and specialist projects for beneficiaries. We support and educate parents/carers, partners and significant others affected by alcohol and substance misuse.

We empower beneficiaries through our free aftercare programme, education workshops and specialised projects, enhancing their personal development and awareness while building an understanding of their role in community cohesion and advancement.

We strive to provide understanding in the communities we serve around the impact of alcohol and substance misuse, and how to build capacity to reverse this impact. We provide education and services around other important social issues as well, including diversity, crime and domestic violence.