Creative Action


Many recovering drug and/or alcohol users require varying degrees of support and at sensitive times throughout the year, will require more specialist interventions to enable them to remain abstinent. Through the CAES programme, Janus Enterprise CIC will run a 12 week enhanced support and re-integration package. The programme will run 4 times per year for up to 16 service users (64 service users per year). The 12 week programme consists of: 12 weekly sessions with a substance misuse specialist life coach, exploring goal setting and identifying positive, achievable targets as well as instilling new thinking processes that will allow service users to address entrenched issues and achieve their reintegration goals (family, community, employment etc.). A series of 8 group creative action sessions, using exploration methods and role play scenarios to teach and enhance abstinent-based techniques, life and social skills. The creative action sessions are experiential in that they provide opportunity to identify and "get in touch" with the emotions associated with everyday life and environments. The sessions explore how historic thinking and behaviour can conspire against the service users ability to remain abstinent and achieve their goals. The creative action and life coaching modules are accompanied by access to Janus phone support throughout the 12 weeks. The project is documented through individual video interview at commencement and completion in order to provide the measurement of baselines and achievement of outcomes. The programme culminates in a completion ceremony, allowing service users to review and celebrate their achievements with guests.
Sponsor of the 2015/16 Creative Action Project